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Euro Used Clothes

We are an important exporter company located in Alicante (Spain). 

We provide used clothes, sweaters, shoes, boy jeans, girl jeans, kid clothes, wool, cashmere, etc. 

We work worldwide, but specially reaching the African market.

 Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers. 

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How do we work?

From original clothes bags, and after inspecting the clothes to make sure the quality of the items, classification task begins, we review the clothes/shoes carefully to determine the quality of the garments.

Then we pack them folded to avoid wrinkles and deformities.

We offer our products classified in different qualities, A, B, C, A+B, B+C...etc.

We use plastic bags in different weights, 45, 55, 60, 80 kg...they are protected with very resistent waterproof plastic that prevents spoiling.

The shoes are packed in bags of 25 or 30kg, it all depends in what our customer needs.


Euro Used Clothes

Our used clothes come from the European Market, and we export to the main African Market.

About our exports, they are done in 20" or 40" containers, but of course, it all depends in our customer, what he needs. We always try to find the best way for our customers.


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Mobile phone: +34 673 84 17 19 / +34 627 92 44 73

E-mail: saleseuc@gmail.com

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